Exhibition in the Crystal Garden (7-9 September 2022)

Exhibition in the Crystal Garden (7-9 September 2022)

What would Sofia look like if it was the cover of the imaginary magazine The Sofianer in the spirit of the legendary American publication The New Yorker? Credo Bonum Foundation and Multi Kulti Collective invited illustrators and artists to reflect the authentic and diverse face of Sofia and the lives of Sofia residents in all seasons of the year, in all parts of the city, from all points of view - from beautiful facades to ugly places, from the things we love to those that irritate us daily.

Over 40 young and established artists accepted the challenge and sent over 50 authentic points of view to Sofia. The jury chose to award three equal prizes - to Zdravko Denev, Mariana Serbova and Milena Mitkova. Their works are a tribute to one of Sofia's most iconic heroes - the journalist Lyubomir Milchev - Dendy (1963-2022), a look at the lively South Park with a beautiful view of Vitosha, as well as a nostalgic memory of the Elephant slide in the Boris Garden, beloved by generations of Sofianers .

These and 25 other selected covers will be presented at an open-air exhibition in the Crystal Garden in Sofia between 7 and 19 September 2022. 

An official event for the presentation of the project will take place on 16 September 2022, Friday, at 12:00 in the Crystal Garden, in the presence of the authors, special guests, media and representatives of the Sofia Municipality.


The initiative is realized by the Credo Bonum Foundation and Multi Kulti Collective in partnership with Studio Komplekt, GID Association and metta space. The project is funded by the Sofia Municipality, Culture Programme and implemented with the support of the Bulgarian-American Credit Bank.